Have a love-filled weekend!

Today is sunny and warm (44F/7c) and everything is starting to melt! Hurrah. As much as I love snow and snow days and cozy fires, I'm ready for spring. Coco and J are going up night skiing tonight and Theo and I are hanging out at home. I'm going to get him to bed early and read my book in a nice hot bath.

And here are some links for your weekend.

Kind of in love with this song.

Makes me feel better about Coco's getting older.

Have you ever tried EC? So fascinated by this.

On Frog and Toad.

How Children Lost the Right to Roam in Four Generations.

Couldn't resist buying this linen dress for summer.

Drooling over this apartment - in my favorite street in Seefeld!

Look up!

On writers and money.

How to break the cycle of outrage.

And, from the archives, another marriage saver and going to IKEA.

I hope your weekend is absolutely wonderful. As always, thank you so much for reading and see you back here Monday. xo

(Photo, Château de Chenonceau via Pinterest. Eclipse/Comet/Full Moon via Design Mom.)


  1. Email me of you want to ask questions about how EC worked for us. We did it twice (one boy, one girl) and in a very relaxed way combined with diapers. I tell every pregnant friend to read The Diaper-Free Baby now.

    Also, we love Frog & Toad. My husband dragged me into a bookstore once to read me Cookies long before we even had kids!

    1. Oh my gosh. I'm not sure I'll ever need it...what a crazy thought!!! Eeeek. But I might email you about it someday. ;)

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