Cheers to the Weekend!

Spring break is finally here. I rushed home today to do a bunch of laundry and get the house into some sort of semi-semblance of order before we take off on our trip tomorrow morning. My mom is housesitting and I think when we get back, it will be time to set up the patio furniture. Spring was really in the air today. The kids played in the backyard for hours. So lovely!

Here's a bit of what caught my eye around the web this week:

Loving the bold lines of this modern map art. (Especially the red Zurich one:)

When life gives you lemons...haha!

The four types of introversion.

I love this simple revelation.

My go-to lip these days. (In love with Whole Lotta Honey;)

This essay. OMG. So good.

Game changer. Our kids LOVE this stuff!

No joke.

So funny! (Or not funny at all?!)

For the mamas who've lost their names.

The iPad and iPhone 4S are loaded with Apps and movies. We'll be on the road this weekend. Please follow along on Instagram! And I'll see you back here Monday for another Montessori Sensitive Periods post and next week's Bay Area posts should be fun.  As always, thank you for reading, thank you for commenting, and thank you for your patience regarding my replies to comments. All my love! xo

(Photo via Katy English/Instagram. Onion via Morgan Cline. Hollie McNish poetry via Johanna Sargeant.)