Taking a Time Out

We arrived in Berkeley around dinner time on Monday - after a full day of driving and a full day of driving before that. Once we had fallen into bed, exhausted, I remembered I hadn't written the blog! So I resolved to pick up where I left off today. Then, as bedtime rolled around once again, I realized this whole blogging on vacation thing just isn't happening. Today was another full day of action. We sat in more traffic than I care to ever sit in again and in between traffic jams, spent the entire day at the zoo, chasing around kiddos and pushing strollers.

So I have made a decision. I'm taking this entire week off from the blog while we're on vacation here in San Francisco. Over the past couple months, J and I have had so much on our minds and I feel like it's a good time to detach and regroup and take a real time out.

It's also insanely busy and I have very little free time while "on vacation" with Coco and Theo. So there's that, too! ;)

But, while I'm having my mental time out, here are a few posts from the archives you might enjoy:

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I hope you have a wonderful week and see you back here Monday the 11th with the next installment in the Montessori Sensitive Periods series. Thank you for reading. Your being here and thought provoking comments really are the best part about writing this blog. xoxo


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    1. It was kind of weird! The post all about it is up. ;) I hope you're doing well with that sweet baby! Congrats again. Hope all is going smoothly. xx


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