2018: The New Years Card That Never Was (and a Four Months Late Birthday Party!)

So...2018 should have been our EIGHTH YEAR sending out a super cute card to our friends and family to ring in the New Year. Oops! Things were so crazy throughout the fall and holidays that it just never happened. We got my sister to take some very cute photos of us, I mocked up the card, and then, it was just too late. So, I let it go! The photos are keepers though:

I guess we'll revive that tradition next year. In the meantime, I'm happy we have family photos from the end of 2017. 

The other thing that fell by the wayside after our move fell through was Coco's birthday party. You see, in July, when we still thought we were moving, we had a Bon Voyage birthday party for Coco with her dear friends from her Montessori class. She was feeling really sad about not being able to invite those friends to her birthday party once we crossed the pond, so we decided to have a separate party just with them. 

Then when we didn't move...well, that was awkward. And it was not a quick conclusion, either! It took nearly six weeks to wait on the appeal and things were really in flux that whole time. Once we had finally moved into our current house, Coco's birthday was just 10 days away. Because she had only been at her kindergarten for a couple weeks and didn't have an established group of friends yet, it would have normally made sense to have a party with her Montessori friends. But, of course, we had just had a party with them a short while before. Yowza!

So, we waited and then a couple weekends ago, we had the absolute cutest birthday party for Coco. She invited a super sweet group of girls from her kindergarten class and it turns out that the end of January is primo birthday party time! Only ONE girl couldn't make it, due to Ski School and they all had so much fun. Pro tip: If you're looking to conceive, April is a great time. ;)

Not one, but TWO of Coco's very best friends actually have her exact same birthday! Needless to say, they were a little confused about the party happening in January. But, the mom of one of the girls said she thought it was pretty awesome. Her daughter's party had been all preschool friends and she would have loved to have delayed it until her social scene was better established at kindergarten. Winning!

So that is how our 2018 has started out. Now that February is here, maybe things will settle down a bit. Maybe? Possibly? Or maybe I'm just a perpetual hot mess? That's okay, too! 

How has 2018 started off for you? Are you feeling cool and collected, or all over the place? 


  1. January is hard! People need parties! I hosted a Crafty Ladies party this weekend, just to celebrate surviving that long, cold month in NYC. I am also a fan of Epiphany parties--so many people can come, because who else is doing something in early January?

  2. That is too crazy that TWO of Coco's friends share the same birthday. Unreal. I mean, what are the odds?? December and January are FULL of birthday parties at Hunter's school. In his class, FOUR children have December birthdays (including Hunter), and two have January birthdays. We've been busy with those!

    Have I asked or have you written about your decision to put Coco in kindergarden rather than a 3rd year of Montessori? Or did she somehow complete 3 years anyway? Just curious, since as Montessori educators we are always encouraging parents to have the child complete the 3-year-cycle.

    1. Yep - Coco was in Montessori for three years and her teacher definitely thought it was time for her to move on and be part of a larger group of children and meet new challenges. :) I'm happy she got to do both as her kindergarten class is really cute. Cost was also a factor. Spokane Public Schools has all-day kindergarten. Eeeks.

    2. This is my first year as a Montessori teacher, so while theoretically I understand the 3-year curriculum, practically and financially, many parents at our school choose to skip the 3rd year. I had one child in my class whose family wanted him to stay for the 3rd year, but after 2 years he outgrew the Montessori environment. He wasn't comfortable being the older child -- he preferred following older children around. He didn't engage with material anymore and would roll his eyes when we sang movement songs together. I guess the final word is really, follow the child...

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