Have a darling weekend

This weekend is going to be a big one at our house. Coco is turning 7 tomorrow and she designed the concept for her birthday party entirely on her own. Attractions will include candy kabobs, root beer floats, a donut-shaped cake per her own design/illustration, a piñata, ring toss, pin-the-horn-on-the-unicorn, and all the balloons. She can't wait! I decided to add a bunch of Totino's Party Pizzas because a). why are those nasty cardboard things so tasty?! and b). something has to temper all that sugar. ;)

This week, I've had this balloon photo from L'Instant Parisien's Instagram as the wallpaper on my phone and it has made me smile ear to ear many times a day. This week was a doozy, so thank you darling little boy with the balloon. Honestly, I love everything about this photo. Such mirth and joy! I just want to give him a little squeeze and a snuggle. Where do you suppose his mom is? Do you think maybe he's just cruising around 1930's Paris on his own à la Le Ballon Rouge?!

And, here are a few links for your weekend, including a few of Coco's top birthday wish list picks:

Made me chuckle!

Either the best birthday present ever - or a trip to the ER!

Are you a victim of lifestyle inflation?

The big article blowing up the internet this week. (No pun intended)

I love this music I just discovered.

I have no words. (Watch the video! LOL;)

Inspiring! The Zurich one made me cry.

Internet gold.

Ireland in 60 seconds.

I want to get two of these in C and T. So cute!

I hope your weekend is wonderful in every way. I will see you back here next week. Thank you, as always, for reading!

(Photo via L'Instant Parisien/Instagram. Streetfilms via lovely reader Rhiannon. Tony Hawk via Margaret Albaugh.)


  1. Sorry to make you cry Lindsey!
    Ireland in 60 seconds looks so nice and the dogs on that toy video were so funny! I like the idea of changing my phone background weekly. I really should do it more often!

    1. Oh, it's okay! It was a very affirming cry - just had to finish it later as I was sneaking a peek at the video at work! HAHAHA!

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