Weekend Links!

J and I have been making more of an effort to get out and take date nights. We have been horrible about this for years and it's easy to get into that bad pattern of thinking of the kids, the family, work, self-care and sort of forgetting the relationship. So I'm happy that we're making more of an effort. Tonight we were remembering our sweet Rudy, who died a year ago. Do you have any pets? Or have you lost one recently, or not so recently? It's a hard thing.

But, on a brighter note, here are some links for your weekend:

This would be a serious hit at a Halloween party! 

Theo can play with these sets for hours. 

Can you get over this darling cake?!

I love this simple earring set so much.

Fascinating - and I knew it. ;)

Perfect for Instagram photos. I have one on my desk at work. :)

I hope the rest of your weekend is amazing, and that you manage to have some time away from the news. Sigh. Such a lot of upsetting things going on. See you back here next week!

(Image via aquariusplanet)