Have a gorgeous weekend

February and March are the weirdest time of year. So I'm keeping myself going by dreaming of summer days with strawberries and rose water vanilla whipped cream. Life has been so busy and demanding lately that I haven't even really been able to get excited about Miami. But, in ten days, J and I will be in the sun and I've never needed it more!

I hope you're up to something good this weekend, and here are some links for you:

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A must-listen!

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These dinner pancakes look amazing.

The Power of No.

How gorgeous is this Swedish summerhouse?

Have better conversations.

I need to try this snail ampoule ASAP!

When you mix AI and storytelling.


I hope your weekend is a good one! See you back here soon, my lovelies.

(Strawberry illustration via Tracey English/Pinterest)


  1. Dear Lindsey, it's so great to see you're back. I've missed your smart, honest und funny posts and felt so happy when I found all those new ones today!
    I agree, February and March are a weird time of looking forward to spring and summer. It's hard to miss the first signs of spring (magnolia blossoms here finally!) while complaining about all that rain and storm here but I try to make a point of actually noticing them. In the meantime, I wear lots of dresses with warm tights and boots as a way of transitioning from winter.
    Have a great time in Florida and load up on all that sunshine. Love from Germany, Meike

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