Volkswagen of the Future

I love Volkswagens and have never bought another car in my life. They're so reliable and sophisticated and comfortable without being stuffy or over the top. Most of all, VWs have great style and design. Always. I have waxed poetic about my love for their ad campaigns before, but the latest ads for their new fleet of all-electric vehicles (set to hit roads in just a few years!) are truly swoon worthy.

Like this two-page spread to explain the "Lemonade" above. Are their advertising reps geniuses, or what?! I love how they pulled in so much history of the brand and their story in this campaign. Swoon.

And this is so gorgeous - with the side view, and the surfboard on top! Yes I want for J and I to haul our kids and dog (maybe) and yoga mat and surfboard around in this totally rad electric VW bus. YES! Swooning again. :)

And I nearly started crying whilst watching this ad. That song, the notion of pivoting and moving forward with hope in the face of uncertainty after a major setback. Wonderful. Volkswagen will always have my heart! And in a weird way, it feels relevant to my own personal expat-repat experiences that were unfolding in the years that VW were dealing with their emissions scandal. From 2015 until very recently, I have felt completely lost and unsure of what is next for me. I feel like I, too, have found the light in the darkness. Swoon forever!

Are you a Volkswagen fan? If you are, please swoon with me in the comments below, and if you're not, please do not share your thoughts or opinions with me at this time! I'm just too in love with these ads to bear it. :)

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  1. I have to say that Volkswagen is variable! And I want to buy a Volkswagen Malaysia in a year!

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