Death in Ice Valley

October 11, 2019

The night before last, J sent me a podcast episode to listen to and I’m 100% obsessed. I already listened to three episodes yesterday (at regular speed!) by putting in my AirPods literally any moment I was walking, or driving, or on a break, or just had a few minutes to listen. I haven’t been that hooked on a podcast since the first season of Serial, and before that the last time I was so hooked on something was Harry Potter. It’s that good! 

Death in Ice Valley is an investigative podcast produced through a partnership between the BBC and NRK, the Norwegian Public Radio service. It follows the unsolved death of a woman known as Isdal Woman who was found in Norway, in a remote natural area outside of Bergen, in late 1970. To this day the Isdal Woman’s identity remains unknown and her death unsolved. Was she a murdered? Was it an elaborate suicide? Why were all of the markings and labels on her clothing and personal items removed or rubbed off? 

The story is instantly intriguing and the editing is excellent and captivating. You feel as if you’re actually there, following the investigative journalists as they follow the clue trail from Bergen to Stavanger and beyond. The original music is haunting and gripping and you will not be able to stop listening once you start. I cannot recommend it enough.

What podcasts are you listening to these days? Have you listened to Death in Ice Valley? And, don’t forget to listen to my podcast, Expat Repat, which just kicked off in Season Two.  

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  1. I loved the first season of serial too so will need to listen to this! Thank you for the recommendation! I listen to a whole mix of current favourites are interview based ones How To Fail with Elizabeth Day and the age old Desert Island discs as well as The High Low mainly for book recommendations. Looking forward to listening to the nect season of ex pat re pat too! I enjot listening as although I've not lived abroad as a working adult I spent a year in Malawi aged 17 and I think as I listen experienced many of the thoughts you discuss without really preparing for the return home. Now we've lived in a few different places between Scotland,England and now Ireland and constantly trying to balance choices for work, with being closer to family and friends and whether to move back to my hometown is an age old question. Thank you fir having all these discussions x


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