The Politician

October 7, 2019

Are you guys watching The Politician on Netflix? It was released on my birthday (also Gwyneth Paltrow’s birthday) and it is amazing. The styling, the costumes, and visually satisfying artistic cinematography are reasons to watch it on their own. But the most exciting thing is that in the same way that Inglorious Basterds does, it perfectly nails the flippant macabre, and manages to take extremely heavy material and somehow make it light and even funny. (Disclaimer: I’ve only seen two episodes.) I am hooked!

My friend, Bridget, in Zurich recommended it and she has impeccable taste so that was my first clue it would be fantastic. Secondly, I saw that Gwyneth Paltrow was in it and I love her. People either love or hate GP; I understand this. But I love her. She is always in super interesting, different, avant-garde productions. Finally, I started the pilot and one of my favorite songs of all time, Sufjan Stevens’ Chicago, is used for the opening credits sequence. Done deal. I knew I was not wasting my time. Also, the opening credits are super captivating. You will not want to look away, or skip over.

I am in such a fabulous spot as far as shows go right now. We have three going simultaneously - two of which are on Showtime, The Affair and On Becoming a God in Central Florida - so they’re only released once per week. Of course, the other show is The Politician, which was all dropped at once. It’s so exciting to have good shows to watch. Do you prefer a season to be dropped all at once, or to come out once per week?

(Photo via Indiewire)

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  1. We can only watch an episode of TV every few days, due to crazy schedules involving four kids/work travel/exhaustion etc. So I definitely prefer to have a season drop all at once - if we had a night where it worked out to watch an episode, but there were no episodes ready, I think I would feel incredibly deprived and like I was living in the stone ages, haha!

    We just finished Season 3 of The Handmaid's Tale, and now we are watching a show on Netflix called Dark. It's German, dubbed over in English, and we are only on the first episode but I've heard great things about it. I'm putting The Politician on our list, though. Thanks for the recommendation!

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