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March 6, 2020

So, do you remember how I went to Miami a year ago for my brother's wedding and was not super excited about it? I had this image of Florida (and therefore Miami) that it was was nothing but old people with no style wearing big white tennis shoes and fanny packs? And then I went to Miami and fell so totally in love with it and couldn't wait to go back?! Well, thanks to the coronavirus flight sales and an Alaska Airlines companion ticket, J and I are going to Miami on Thursday. WOOHOO!

I cannot wait to spend four whole days lounging on the beach, napping, reading, writing, zoning out, doing nothing, and having conversations that aren't interrupted every 20 seconds. It is going to be bliss. I am forever grateful to Lisa, my sister-in-law of nearly one year exactly, for showing me what a wonderful place Miami is! And a huge shoutout to my mom, who will have Coco and Theo stay with her while we're gone. That is seriously the best! I think it's officially a tradition now, and I hope that I will go to Miami every year at this time of year until I die. I really is the best medicine to be warm, to feel the sun on your face and body, and to get away from it all.

Because I've never been, I also looked at going to Hawaii because there were some serious fare deals there. But in the end, J and I agreed that we wanted to go somewhere with no learning curve and no time wasted getting oriented to our surroundings. We're going back to the same hotel, where we know the beach, the pool and the drill for getting set up; and we love that so much is within walking distance. I'm so excited I can hardly stand it and it still doesn't seem real. Six sleeps 'til Miami. Pinch me!

And, here are some links for your weekend:

A song for you, if you're in a listening to music mood.

I went live this morning on Instagram doing my hair and makeup. Watch it while you can! It's in my stories.

This CBD + Retinol oil is gentle, yet effective. Just mix a few drops with your night cream.

Would you plant a moon garden?

Switzerland has been hit pretty hard with the coronavirus. :(

As a result, the Minister for Home Affairs has urged people to stop kissing. So I'm feeling pretty vindicated for my own criticism of the kisses back in 2012! ;)

If you're looking for some clean beauty here are some recommendations (read this post if you missed it) .

The one Christmas present my kids are still playing with every day!

Enjoy your weekend and I will see you back here soon! 

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