We’re Back!

February 13, 2021


I don’t even know where to begin, you guys. Being back in Switzerland - YES!!! We moved back. Head on over to my Instagram Stories and Highlights to get the whole scoop if you missed it - is so incredible. It honestly does not feel real. It seems totally insane and crazy and like the most natural and meant-to-be thing in the world all at the same time. I have dreamt of this moment, or rather the series of pivotal moments over the last few days, for many years. All four of us taking off on our flight back to Switzerland. Arriving in the Zurich airport and seeing the kids’ reactions. Of course, COVID-19 has completely changed how all of that went, but it was still just as special. Maybe even more special! On the flight, the captain came back and spoke to us twice. And being in quarantine, we have been literally spoiled by friends who have brought us care packages with food, wine & spirits, candles, bath salts, toys, books, even fresh flowers! 

Like I said, I don’t even know where to begin. I’m so grateful that you’ve stayed with me throughout this journey. The almost 7 years we spent back in the US were so good and I’m truly glad that we had that experience. And now, I’m so happy to be back in Switzerland. No regrets. Onward! So what would you like to know? What questions do you have? What kind of pictures and posts do you want to see? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. Welcome back to Zurich! Show us your new appartement, the neighborhood and everything else you are happy about. Love to read from you soon. xo Bella

  2. YAYAYAYAY! I’ve been following your blog for years and I’ve always hoped that you would get back overseas. I’m not on Instagram so I would love to hear the whole story here on the blog. Also lots of apartment pictures and day in the life bits and pieces. I think that what most people want right now is an adventure by proxy and I would love to know more about yours! Cheers!

  3. How were you able to move back?

  4. Hi Lindsay! So happy to hear your news!! Been following along your journey since you were linked on Cup of Jo and would love to hear all the details of how you came to move back and all the day to day bits of life in Zurich! Wishing you and the family all the very best settling in again.

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