Enjoy your weekend!

My lovelies, do you have big plans this weekend? Perhaps a little spring cleaning? This weekend is a pollen storm here in Switzerland, so I'm spending all day Sunday allergy-proofing our bedroom while J is up skiing. Do you have allergies? If not, you have no idea what I'm talking about! ;)

A few things that caught my eye this past week:

This would make a lovely Mother's Day gift.

Sturdy, attractive tumblers.

For the birds.

This will be good for our little girl.

Heading to this market for flowers Tuesday.

And I just can't resist signing off with a few pictures of my sweetie lifting her head during tummy time and sitting all by herself!

I hope your weekend is fantastic! See you back here on Monday. xoLindsey


  1. I have terrible allergies, but mine are worse in the US than when I'm in CH (though I would still bring boxes of Claritan with me). Maybe you already know this, but doctors in CH recommend you eat local honey if you have bad allergies. It really helps! Good luck :)

    1. Yes! Yes! I paid way too much for some local honey on Saturday. It always helped me in Oregon. I'm not sure if I can hack it much longer...I may just break down and take Zyrtec as my OB/GYN said it's okay even with the breastfeeding. So tempting, but I'm really trying to go drug-free. I hope your allergies aren't too bad this year - and if they are, enjoy your Claritin! ;) xo


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