How to Follow Your Bliss

Oddly enough, when I became a mother, I felt freer and more creatively untethered than I've ever felt in my whole life. Yes, my whole life! This came as a great surprise to me, because on many levels - financially, physically and professionally spring to mind - motherhood is supposed to be the most limiting time in a woman's life. Well...that is what society would have us believe, anyway. 
I just ordered a copy of Martha Beck's book Finding Your Way in a Wild New World and I can't wait for it to arrive! (I've actually tracked it twice already to see when it will be here. ;)

In an interview with Elle magazine, Beck describes the ways in which we've abandoned our natural instincts in favor of social pressures and expectations, for example to have a successful career or to marry. She entreats readers to go back to their true self, whatever that may be. I feel like I mostly know who that is for myself, but I could use a little help getting past societal expectation in order to fully get there. I'm so very ready to put her method into practice. 

Do you have dreams or ideas on the back burner? What's keeping you from going after them?