Rainbow Brights!

Today I got a wild idea during a routine nail session with Noel. I realized as I looked through and tried to decide on a color, that she has every necessary OPI hue to do rainbow nails! It's a little crazy, to be sure. But I'm loving my bright, cheerful manicure. 
I wasn't feeling quite nutso enough to wear a pair of my bright skinnies with these out-there nails just yet, but maybe later this week. Instead I went for a pair of distressed grey washed J.Crew skinnies, a black t-shirt and a deep purple cardi from Nordstrom. (Had to bring in the purple somehow - with only five fingers, it had to be left out! ;) Here in Zürich, we have lots of rain in the forecast this week, which is good for my allergies, but a bummer nonetheless. Having rainbow fingernails will be sure to keep life feeling springy for me this week. Yay!

I've already decided that my next nail color choice will be three different shades of pink with two of those shades randomly repeating on the other two fingers of each hand. Stay tuned. It's going to be rad. :)

What nail colors are you loving this spring? Are you ever experimental with nail color?

{photo taken with Hipstamatic}


  1. Cute! I wanna try the ombre nails where you paint each one a slightly darker shade. :)

    1. Ooooh, I want to try that too!! Such a fun idea. xo


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