Anthropologie Knobs

My dearies, do you love your closet? I do. It might seem like a strange thing to love, but it's true. Our closet is from the PAX line at IKEA and it's gorgeous. Putting it together was a seriously daunting task, but now that it's finished and functioning, we love it so! The closet corner of my bedroom is delicious because all in the same place I have my pink Keep Calm and Carry On poster, my lovely curvy bedside table lamp and my beautiful closet that has a built-in dresser with a glass see-through top that houses all my jewelry and sweet-enough-to-eat Anthropologie knobs on the drawers. Yum!
Apparently the sleek doors really did think the Anthropologie knobs were good enough to eat because this morning I woke up and noticed that one of my darling knobs had broken off and was and looking oh so pretty lying on the floor. Sad! And thank goodness Coco isn't crawling just yet!
My first thought was, "Oh no!" And then I thought to myself, "Hmmm...maybe I can fix it." Nope. Then I thought, "Maybe I can replace it." Out of stock. And then (finally!) I realized that the silver lining to this dreadful mess is that I get to order new Anthropologie knobs for my built-in dresser! That's not such a bad thing, is it? 

I'll be smarter this time and get knobs with a more conservative projection so this doesn't happen again. Here are a few I'm thinking about. 
It is a shame that my lovely knob was decapitated by the closet door, especially because the color was so pretty - not quite blue, not quite green, but rather just right. 

What do you think of the knobs above? Would you stick with a blue hue or go with pink or silver? 

{bottom photos from Anthropologie}