Ringing in 2013!

What are your plans for New Year's Eve? We are popping open some bubbly for an early toast, doing a few sparklers to see Coco's dazzled reaction - and going to bed early! 

Tomorrow morning we leave first thing for our little New Year's vacation in Davos. I have been freaking out because I don't know what to pack for Coco and I'm nervous about the cable cars and hotel stay and travel cot and snowsuit and boots and hats and mittens and whether or not she will sleep and if it will be any fun for me at all while J is skiing most of the day and if Coco will nap and if it will just be a big waste of money like our epic Corsica vacation fail. So I got all bent out of shape last night, tried to blame everything on J, quarreled with him and then felt really sheepish afterward. This morning, he got up early with Coco, let me sleep in until 10 and made me breakfast. What a sweetheart! It helped immensely and I don't feel so nervous or crabby anymore. 

Even still, I'm heading into the New Year feeling apprehensive and unsure about things. 

I told myself I would stop worrying about it, but I continue to wonder when I'll go back to work and in what capacity? Boo. I should really just enjoy this incredible time of being a stay-at-home-mom, so why do I do this to myself? 

I have been a rotten blogger as of late because I lost the cable to transfer photos from the camera to the computer and I feel like I can't post anything beautiful. It's silly, but resolution number one is to figure out the cable situation! 

It doesn't help that I feel really homesick following our amazing holidays with my brother - more on that this week as I cover our entire, spontaneous, unexpected holiday together. It was so incredible!

And then there's our apartment - we have been living here long enough that it's time for a Feng Shui attack on the place. J got me a Feng Shui book and the Apartment Therapy Cure book for Christmas and I cannot wait to clear out and infuse some new energy into our lives. 

At the same time, I just want to book a winter trip to my mom's and hide from it all. Isn't that how we always feel in the deep depths of winter? Isn't this period right after the fun and festivities of the solstice just the worst?! It's dark and cold and stagnant. And every year, as soon as Christmas is over (and winter is really just beginning! :( Oh my...) I always crave spring and summer and they feel so impossibly far away! That just makes the darkness and cold all the more formidable. Sigh. 

So let's do this, 2013. The sooner you're here, the sooner the light comes back. And the happier I'll be.  Happy New Year, everyone! xo

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  1. Happy New Year and enjoy Davos!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. We will! I'm taking the camera...;) We'll get the photos off of there somehow. Ha!

  2. Sorry to hear you're having a bit of a dark time. The thought of potentially returning to work is enough to give any new mum conniptions, I'm sure! Funnily enough, my New Year's resolution is to just start enjoying my life with my two boys, without always thinking about whether I'm doing things right, what consequences my actions will have in the future (like the fact that he can only nap in the pram at the moment), and without researching everything all the time for what I SHOULD be doing. This seems related to your post and your anxiety about the future.

    I really really hope that your little holiday is a complete success! I was SUPER stressed about our week in Zermatt, but it was great. Are you driving? We took the train and it was pretty good... one minor melt-down, but that's to be expected. I love being able to play with him and walk him around, bounce him up and down and play lots of games - taking the car scares me now!

    GOOD LUCK!!!!

    1. Thank you! Coco goes through periods of napping only in her buggy, too. I think it's totally normal. ;)
      Davos was good. Photos coming up later this week. My goodness, the holidays were so busy and amazing, there is a lot to cover! Then it's back to ho-hum January. Maybe we'll time our next baby to be born in January so there is something fun going on. ;) Haha!
      I hope you're enjoying 2013 so far! xoxo


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