Montessori Mondays: Floor Bed

March 24, 2014

Because we've been so happy with Coco's Stokke Sleepi crib, we've decided to get the same one for baby boy, but in white, and with the kit so that it grows from Mini (pictured) to Sleepi. I'm sort of giddy about it and can't wait to have our precious, heavenly smelling newborn swaddled up in that bed for his nap with the white on white on white bedding. Swoon! 

I love everything about this plan, is in direct opposition to the Montessori way. Click on "Read more" below to find out the Montessori approach to infant and toddler sleeping...

One of the main pieces of the Montessori approach for babies age 0-3 is the floor bed. Instead of having a crib, which inhibits a child's movement, the floor bed gives the child a great deal of independence. I love Montessori, and I am so on board with Montessori concepts, but this one just stops me in my tracks. My baby sleeping on a mattress on the floor? No. I'm sorry, but spiders?! Come on.
Looking back, I'm pretty sure that any attempts at a floor bed would have failed miserably with Coco anyway. We co-slept from day three, when I finally couldn't stay awake all night any longer and figured out she would only sleep if she were pressed against my body. We still do co-sleep most nights, for at least half of the night. ;) She starts the night in her Sleepi and then wakes up and asks to come into "the big bed" at some point during the night. It makes me laugh to think if we had suddenly one night said, "Okay, now you can sleep in this other room - on the floor." Ha! She would have had none of it and promptly crawled back to our room and then proceeded to play and entertain herself on the big bed. Not sleeping. It was hard enough to sleep train her to sleep in her crib five feet from our bed. 

So this whole floor bed thing floors me. ;) Would you consider a floor bed? Do you use one already? How does it work for your family? 

If floor beds are not your thing and you're interested in the Stokke Sleepi, we really love the site They deliver "everything but the baby" and you can get 15% off your first order! Just enter the code THOUSANDSA at check-out (not valid on formula, diapers or wipes). xo

(Montessori floor bed photos from How We Montessori, a lovely Montessori blog I read and admire:)

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  1. We used a floor bed for both of our children. I understand the spiders comment...but we have carpet in the kids room so I was able to pretend spiders are only on hardwood floors. Also since you are in Europe I'm sure space is a constraint. Both kids loved the floor bed and now that they have a bunk bed with one on the top and one on the bottom, I feel like to transition to a frame was easy because they never had a crib.

  2. Yes, we've been using a floor bed for a 5 months old little boy, who 's been sleeping in there for at least 3 months...He never complained ! I am a montessori teacher , perhaps it was natural for me to try it...It's also been very handy to lie down next to him when he had difficulties falling asleep...I am now into that phase where I HAVE to get ready for the day he will start crawling around his room...Hide every potential dangerous stuff and make sure there's nothing in his room that could be harmful !
    For now, the Montessori floor bed system is working perfectly !Thank you for your website!Julie

  3. With my baby, first I tried an old cot with bars, but she jump out, like in the circus .......
    After, I bought a beautiful floor bed, with small banks that avoid tumbles and night awake....
    Whe uses it since she is a year and a half, and we are very happy, in and out from the bed, with full autonomy,
    (at the side of the feet there is an area without bank to facilitate the passage) may not be 100% Montessori, but is a nice compromise.
    The bed is by Woodly:

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  11. To tell the truth, I like the idea of floor beds! Placing the bed on the floor supports freedom of movement as well as promotes independence. Moreover, I feel that a floor bed is a much more respectful choice for the child than a crib.

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