Friday, April 11, 2014

3 1/2 Room Apartment in Seefeld: We are moving!

Some big changes lie ahead for our little family. With baby boy making his entrance this summer and our move coming up, I'm dealing with it as best I can. But honestly, I love our apartment and city life so much, it's hard for me to give it up. :( Moving forward in life is always like that isn't it? I have the hardest time letting go.

*UPDATE May 1: The apartment has been rented. Thank you for your interest!*

But the time has come to advertise our beloved apartment. We are looking for someone to take over our apartment and furnishings as of July 1st. We investigated every possible scenario of how to structure our move and given that I'll be nearly 8 months pregnant at the time, we decided it's best to pass on our furnishing to the new tenants and pay for IKEA delivery and assembly at the new place. 

We have the most beautiful 3 1/2 room apartment, right in the heart of Seefeld. It's located on a quiet lane with easy access to public transport, the lake, parks, grocery stores, shops and restaurants. It's the perfect place to live! Click on "Read more" below to see more photos and get the details.
The living room is generously sized with tall windows and a working "Swedish Oven" wood-burning stove. So cozy in the winter!
The first bedroom is quite large and has beautiful herringbone floors.
The second bedroom is somewhat smaller, but still large enough to accommodate a double bed and has an alcove that makes a great office space.
The entryway.
The bathroom is well-organized with a decent sized medicine cabinet and built-in shelving unit next to the sink (not pictured).
The kitchen is modern and sparkling. It was installed new in 2011.

  • Available July 1st
  • 3 1/2 rooms in Seefeld, Tram Fröhlichstrasse
  • Rent Fr.2'050 per month
  • Deposit Fr.6'000
  • Ground floor raised unit
  • One of five units in the building
  • Dishwasher
  • Open laundry schedule
  • Cellar space
  • Close to public transport, lake, parks, shops, bakeries and restaurants
  • Preference will be given to applicants who will purchase our full furnishings/electronics/appliances package for Fr.3'500 (Artwork not included. Full list HERE)
If you are interested in the apartment and our full furnishings/electronics/appliances package, please send me an email on lindsey(at)swisslark(dot)com to arrange a viewing.

Thank you so much. xo


  1. I have sent you a PM on EF and a long eMail, we are very interested in the apartment and also to take over your furnishings and appliances. We thought we would keep what we like and basically put up the rest for sale :-) Looking forward to hearing from you regarding a date for visit. I am not stalking you but by now I am sure you know the story of apartments in Zurich :-). Wishing you a lovely weekend

  2. Hallo,
    Is it still available? Is it possible to visit? I am living in I work in a Zurich. Now I am living in Limmattalstrasse 244 but I am looking for an apartment with at least 3 rooms. I am interesting about this one.

    Kind Regards

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