Have a splendid weekend.

How was your week? Ours was super relaxing and chill with J home the whole time. We had all sorts of grand plans of things we would get done, but all we did was read, take naps, eat long meals and watch Homeland with a glass of wine after Coco went to bed. It was lovely. By the way...I just booked our tickets to Ibiza, so it's official! Coco and I are going to the Holy Mama Yoga Retreat in May. I cannot wait! Eeeek! 

Here's what caught my eye around the web this week:

Ansel Adams would have been 111 years old this week. Isn't his photo of the Tetons above magnificent?

Obama discovers Montessori!

Great article about hipsters and suburbs. ;)

We've talked about changing your name, but would you choose a whole new one?

Why did I instinctively do this as a parent? My grandmother's Finnish blood? :)

A gorgeous and natural laundry gadget. (via apartment therapy)

This apartment has me dreaming of San Francisco architecture.

Deceptively simple.

Instant snow in Siberia!

I am *in love* with the entire Spring/Summer collection.

And now it's time for me to run off to my ballet class. Such a perfect way to kick off the weekend. :) I hope yours is as splendid as can be, and see you back here Monday! xo


  1. I love your blog! Discovered it over the weekend and have loved reading through your posts. :) Those wool dryer balls look really neat - and I enjoyed reading about babies sleeping in the cold, too!

    1. Thank you, Tess! Your comment makes my day. :) xo

  2. So excited you got the trip to Ibiza!! I just read your post about it below and it sounds suuuuppper relaxing/awesome.
    Also, about that napping outdoors thing- my mother grew up with her Irish farm-raised grandmother in the house (my mom is one of 7 kids so when they were little her grandmother lived with them to help take care of them all- especially the last 2 who were twins!) and she would always put the babies in a pram in the backyard under the tree for their naps.
    I've always thought that if I live somewhere where I *can* let my babies nap outside (aka not NYC) then I will-- though I might not feel safe leaving them out there alone ;)

    Lastly- I am ADDICTED to maison scotch too! Gah, their things are SO cute! They recently opened a shop in SOHO and I am hoping that when I next visit they will be having a sale on some of my favorites ;)

    1. When I let Coco nap outside, it's pretty safe because, well, first, we are in Switzerland! ;) And then our entryway is around the back of our house, which is off the street and we live on a really quiet little lane anyway. Then, I put the baby monitor out there and stay by the window where I can see her pram. It freaks out our Swiss neighbor, though. And my friends Swiss mother-in-law thinks Coco will freeze! Haha. ;) Ireland is such a wet cold, I doubt I'd do it there. How amazing that your mom is one of seven! That must make for fun family gatherings. :)

      I can't get enough of the Maison Scotch stuff. I wonder how much cheaper it is in the US. I'm having a hard time finding their online shop for the US. I can only get it in Euros. Which is already quite a bit cheaper than in Switzerland. ;) You know how it goes!! xo

    2. In Switzerland I would feel safe :) especially with those apartment buildings with the interior courtyards, etc.
      That's so strange to me that they think she would freeze! I guess I just imagine all swiss people to be hearty winter-loving folk, even though I only know a few swiss people like that! :) haha

      Also, Maison Scotch- I can't get on their US online shop either! I don't know if it exists? I think they just have the store in soho for the US and that might be it? It's very confusing.

    3. Lucky you living near the only US Maison Scotch store there is! ;) The Swiss are a funny bunch aren't they? It's only natural for us as Americans to think Swiss ---> Alps. Right?! But so many of the people here are not mountain enthusiasts at all. They overheat indoor spaces like crazy, too! Not that I don't like it here, just little quirks. You know? xo


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