Have a gorgeous holiday weekend.

Do you have big plans this weekend? It is Martin Luther King, Jr. weekend here in the States. That means three days off of school and work for J and the kids and we are planning to take it easy. Here's hoping the kids sleep in every day! Have a great weekend, and now a few links to keep you busy should you be looking for something to listen to, watch or read.

A good song for the nostalgic repat.

How to Approach a Rage-Cleaning Mother. (LOL!)

A quick and easy, delicious weeknight meal.

Anyone else's kids obsessed with these?

On not dreaming.

The best decluttering advice.

Seriously swooning over these. (Insert heart-eyes emoji face here)

This is my kind of gym class! ;)


Calling all Berliners!

Like co-washing, but better.

And from the archives:

Infinite cuteness.
You either love it or hate it!
Feeling peckish?

As always, thank you so much for reading and for your thoughtful and kind comments. I am so happy you're here. May your weekend is blissful and enjoyable in every way! See you back here Tuesday. xo

(Photo via Ryan Sheppeck/Instagram, h/t Bridget)


  1. Oh my goodness. "How To Approach a Rage-Cleaning Mom" Truly LOL!

    Also, I love the de-cluttering post, but what if you're all three clutter personalities at once?? I'm a head case :(.

    Also, I love Ikea (from the archives), but that pregnancy test ad is bananas.

    Also, I love all your posts lately :).


    1. Oh, this comment truly made my day. I was full-on rage cleaning earlier. NBD. And I HATE clutter but can't seem to get handle on it. No worries! And the pregnancy test. INSANE! And, THANK YOU! That, along with the laughs, made my day. :) xoxoxox

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